Art and Technology

I haven’t blogged in a while, so publishing some tear sheets is way overdue. 

This spring’s Merrimack Valley Home Magazine features a story about Lowell’s Whistler House Museum of Art. It’s located right downtown in Lowell, on Worthen Street, and features a nicely kept historic building and grounds, in addition to lots of classic art work.

Neil Boissonneault and his staff at CON-CEPT are the cover story of this month’s CE Pro Magazine, a locally-published techie magazine. In addition to the cover, I had the run of his showroom in order to get lots of gear shots. In the 50s through the 70s, my father had a television store, so I enjoyed talking with Neil about some of the old products and how they compare to today’s technology.

Worth Waiting For

I love shooting for magazines. One of the tough things about doing this kind of work though is the waiting. Creating a magazine that has lots of interesting, fresh and original content takes time, money and personnel. So waiting for a magazine that you've worked on to hit the streets can be difficult for those who participated.

In early December I was asked to do a cover story photo shoot for a brand new magazine, published by EH Publishing, in Framingham, Massachusetts. What made it really nice was that the cover that I was to do was for the premier issue of a new publication that they were creating, Commercial Integrator. It's a specialty magazine for "Professional integrators who design, sell, service, and install commercial integration products for small and medium size businesses".

Commercial Integrator Magazine - the Premier IssueThey had a very specific look in mind for the cover, which would feature Brad Caron, president and owner of Signet Electronic Systems, also located here in Massachusetts. The shoot was a blast! I have been waiting to talk about this cover shoot for weeks. EH mailed me some copies for my tear sheets, which arrived Today. The wait has been worth it!





Brad Caron - Signet Electronic Systems

Hugh Herr in Design News

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to meet Professor Hugh Herr, of MIT, in order to do the cover story for the December issue of Design News magazine. Professor Herr is an incredibly interesting guy, who lectures and has been written about extensively, and who helps millions of people through his work researching and developing high tech prosthetic limbs. Our shoot took place at the Media Lab at MIT, where he and his team work. And what a great location for a photo shoot!

Click here to read the story.