Location Portrait Photography That Tells a Story

I love working with professional people who understand the value of story telling with their on-line photography. This executive wanted a traditional head-shot for certain applications, but also wanted a series of location portraits that would tell a story about who he is, what he does and would present a professional, sophisticated image. Photographing at an office in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the goal was to show him instructing and interacting with his clients, as well as simple portraits in an office environment that would convey his professionalism and friendliness.

Hugh Herr in Design News

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to meet Professor Hugh Herr, of MIT, in order to do the cover story for the December issue of Design News magazine. Professor Herr is an incredibly interesting guy, who lectures and has been written about extensively, and who helps millions of people through his work researching and developing high tech prosthetic limbs. Our shoot took place at the Media Lab at MIT, where he and his team work. And what a great location for a photo shoot!

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