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I haven’t blogged in a while, so publishing some tear sheets is way overdue. 

This spring’s Merrimack Valley Home Magazine features a story about Lowell’s Whistler House Museum of Art. It’s located right downtown in Lowell, on Worthen Street, and features a nicely kept historic building and grounds, in addition to lots of classic art work.

Neil Boissonneault and his staff at CON-CEPT are the cover story of this month’s CE Pro Magazine, a locally-published techie magazine. In addition to the cover, I had the run of his showroom in order to get lots of gear shots. In the 50s through the 70s, my father had a television store, so I enjoyed talking with Neil about some of the old products and how they compare to today’s technology.

July 2012 Cover Story for CE Pro Magazine

David Shulman of The Environmental Tech Center - CP Pro Magazine - July 2012

This shoot was a blast. The Environmental Tech Center, in East Boston, which is featured in this month's CE Pro Magazine cover story, is in an unassuming building, but houses some really cool gadgets and an amazing home. David Shulman, who owns the Environmental Tech Center shares the stage in this article with his beautiful home and workplace.