“My goal in each shoot is to get into that zone where things happen. It’s about the connection, telling the story; the transformation from every day to awesome. I’m after more than just a nice picture.” Adrien Bisson

About Adrien

Adrien Bisson is a multifaceted portrait photographer serving the Greater Boston Area. He is based in Lowell, Massachusetts and specializes in portraits with personality.  His artful approach has graced the covers of editorial and professional publications including Merrimack Valley Magazine, Design News, CEPro and Commercial Integrator.  More than a headshot, Adrien goes beyond the surface to capture the essence and emotion of every face he photographs.  

From scene to style to subject, each photo that Adrien shoots displays dimension and complexity. Adrien’s technical talent behind the camera is mirrored by his ability to create a comfortable environment for his clients. Adrien works thoughtfully to reveal the “twinkle in your eye” that every subject has within them. This patience and understanding lends to a final product with unmistakable energy and character.

Adrien Bisson Photography is located at Western Avenue Studios – home to an impressive artist community of over 300 creatives.


Adrien’s passion for photography first emerged when he was a teen. At that time, he dabbled in landscape photography using rural New Hampshire as his backdrop. It was not long before his natural talent was discovered and his work was published in two local newspapers. With his creativity piqued, Adrien went on to further explore his artistic abilities in music. He studied trumpet performance at Berklee College of Music and graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Music degree.

A musician’s life carried Adrien for several years following college. He married, had a child and when his son was two years old, Adrien switched gears to begin working in Cambridge at a software engineering startup. He remained on this career path for the next 25 years until his desire to get behind the lens resurfaced.

In 2007, Adrien came full circle when he rekindled his love of photography by establishing Adrien Bisson Photography. He has been shooting beautifully expressive photos ever since.


Adrien’s services have been commissioned by various types of clients including artists, authors, business professionals and corporations -each with a unique intent, look and energy. For every unique client, Adrien creates a unique visual that tells the story of who they are or who they want to be.

Ideally, clients come to Adrien with purpose and a vision of how they’d like to be portrayed.   This helps spark the creative and collaborative process.  

With a client’s visual concepts in mind, collaboration readily follows. Adrien works with the client to determine whether the controlled environment of his studio is best to achieve the desired look or if a location shoot would better tell the client’s story.

When a former client requested professional photos for her role as a consultant and corporate trainer, she expressed her desire for an inviting, outdoor setting with academic influences. Harvard Square and similar Boston locations were chosen which perfectly reflected the client’s mood and message. This is a great example of the client knowing and getting exactly what she wanted.

Further details such as total number of shots, outfit changes and background options are discussed and determined prior to the day of the shoot.

Adrien approaches each project with the desire to deliver compelling, charismatic and meaningful images of his client.