People at Work - Part 7 - The Lowell Humane Society

As I mentioned last time, I have been spending some time at the Lowell Humane Society photographing the dedicated staff there and seeing first hand the good work that they do. Their web site says it best:

"The purpose of your Lowell Humane Society is preventing cruelty to
animals, providing care for homeless and distressed animals and
educating the public about responsible pet ownership. The shelter
receives over 3,000 animals annually

They are always in need of volunteers and donations. I encourage you to explore their web site, and even stop in for a tour:

These blogs are being done as a small series with the goal of showing all of my work at a Western Avenue Studios show sometime in the spring, along with other artists.

As a blogger, it is clearly best if I let my pictures speak for me!

For this offering, I visited with three of the staff, all fairly new additions to the organization. The first being Kristyl, who has come to Lowell after working for about a year at a humane society in Florida.


Sara, who came to the Humane Society as a volunteer after working in the construction industry, and has been a full time staff member since the fall, is clearly happy when working with the dogs in the society's care.


And my last session of the day was with Amanda, who also started as a volunteer and has been on the staff since November, and who loves domestic rats. I am learning a lot at the humane society. That there were domestic rats was something I was not aware of. Amanda has several of her own, and was very happy to educate me on them. Needless to say, she had her work cut out for her on that! :-)