People at Work - Part 6 - The Lowell Humane Society

This week I was fortunate enough to visit with the staff at the Lowell Humane Society. They were very accommodating while allowing me to photograph them in their workplace. I was constantly under foot. I will be finishing up shooting next week and will be presenting some of this work here in the next few People at Work blog entries. As always, my blogs are brief and I let the photos do the talking, but I will try to profile one or two of the staff members in each blog submission while doing my best to highlight them and the good work that they do for the community.

Please visit their web site at, or better yet, visit the facility at 951 Broadway Street, in Lowell. It's right next to the university campus on Broadway Street.

Yesterday I visited with Michela, who came to Lowell after having worked in Belize and South Africa with baboons and jaguars, and studying animal care and behavior. She also interned at the Museum of Science, in Boston.

Michela is also a ferret lover and has a couple of her own, which she enthusiastically volunteered as subjects.


Yesterday I also met Lisa, who has been doing this kind of work for 11 years, starting off as an animal care giver, and is now a supervisor at the Lowell Humane Society. She really loves her work!

Check back again to seem more!