People at Work - Part 8 - The Lowell Humane Society

My latest photo shoot at the Lowell Humane Society involved a walk on the wild side with a BIG puppy and a visit with an extremely colorful tropical bird.

In these shots, Jill is holding an Australian Rainbow Lory that was very well-behaved and cooperative.

Jill and friend

Jill is the executive director of the LHS, joining in August of last year. She has 11 years experience in the animal welfare field, including work with the MSPCAs of Boston and Methuen. She spends some of her time in her office, but like all of the other members of the staff, really enjoys working with the animals in their care. She said that the staff at the LHS has a passion and an affinity for animals and that every member has a commitment to make a difference.

Chris, because of her roll as the Community Outreach Director, has been essential to allowing me access to the facility and to allowing me to meet and photograph the staff. Chris has some office time in her schedule, focusing on community outreach, such as signing up volunteers and generally getting people in the door, but like the others at the LHS, really enjoys her time working with the animals. In her spare time, Chris is a board member of "Lowell Unleashed", Lowell's responsible dog owners association ( ).

 Chris and a big friend

Chris has been working with Western Avenue Studios to get the message out in the form of a collaborative art show this spring. That's where I came in. It has been an interesting and enlightening experience. The staff has been incredibly welcoming, accessible and appreciative. They truly love their work and hope that the community can become even more involved with their efforts. They invite everyone to browse their web site ( ) and to come in for a visit.