Collaboration is Not New, but Now it's Real

Collaboration is nothing new but is a great way to offer enhanced capabilities to clients. Of late, I have been working with several very talented individuals who bring a tremendous amount of talent to the table, and do so in several different disciplines. We've been tossing around the idea of offering a suite of services under one roof. What if we could offer, not only a photographic vision, but could team up to offer video, graphic design, copy writing, and photo shoot production?

I am happy to announce that this one-stop, start-to-finish vision and production for your projects is now a reality. Check out the information here and get in touch! We can discuss your requirements and how my team can bring them to life.

396 Square Feet

I have been churning over in my mind the idea of doing a faux video of a photo shoot for almost a year. The idea would be to show what goes on and how my shoots differ from a "fast-food" portrait experience. With the help of my friend Melissa, whose photos I showed in a previous blog, the video is done! It's a "faux" video because it's really a stop-action trick, using still photos. I waited until after the Academy Awards so as not to embarrass James Cameron, but as it turned out, he didn't win anyway. <Insert eye-roll here>  In any event, please check out the video!

If you have the bandwidth, please check it out in HD, and maybe full-screen. You will have to go to YouTube to see it that way. And don't forget the sound!

To go directly to YouTube, click here: