Artist Portrait: Roneld Lores

I have been making portraits of artists for several years now. I find artists to be the least self-conscious of subjects. I’m not sure why, although maybe it has to do with their understanding of the process. It’s very freeing in one way, but it also comes with the responsibility of “portraying” a person in an honest way. It’s well understood that photographic gear has nothing to do with making images that work, aside from the more mundane technical qualities of images. It’s also true though that a photographer brings feelings, perceptions and interpretations to a photo shoot such that the portrait is as much about the photographer as it is about the subject. 

Last week I had an amazing time visiting the Western Avenue studio of Roneld Lores and Angela Alés, and photographing Roneld. I haven't mentioned it to Angela, but I am hoping that I can photograph her as well sometime in the future. Angela, by the way, has a show now at the Galatea Fine Art gallery on Harrison Avenue in Boston. The opening reception is this Friday, January 8th, 2016. Here is more information: http://galateafineart.com

Click here for a look at Roneld’s web site, and here are my images of him. 

Western Avenue Holiday Open Studios 2009

This year I decided to browse the studios, along with other Holiday Open Studio guests. It was fun to be able to talk with lots of the artists that I don't see that often, or that I usually only have time to say hi to in the hall. As always though, the camera was with me and I wanted to share some of the portraits and other scenes at Open Studios while it is still going on. Details of hours and how to find Western Avenue Studios are here, on the Western Avenue website.

Western Avenue Studios - Holiday Open Studios 2009