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The Boston Walkaround

Boston can be a great walking city. Some of the sidewalks can be annoyingly narrow, but they are, at the same time, really interesting, and usually not nearly as crowded as those in many other cities. The tourist guides will usually recommend the Freedom Trail, but if you spend enough time wandering around, you are apt to find far more interesting routes and destinations.

I have lived in and around Boston my entire adult life, having gone to college there in the mid-seventies. Yes, that's as in, 70s. :-) The city has improved much since those days, especially in terms of livability, safety and cleanliness. Boston is a great place to walk around. So I like to do just that periodically, to take things in, and to photograph. I happened to hit the weather just right last Friday, which was some sort of miracle. Here are some of the highlights.

I stopped to listen to these guys because they were really good. I asked them if they were students, and where, knowing of course that they were Berklee students.  They seemed really fascinated that I had gone to Berklee and graduated in those wonderful 70s.  I left before they asked if I knew Charlie Parker :-)

What sort of amuse bouche is my owner going to bring me from DeLuca's?

One of my favorite works of the I. M. Pei firm.

Yes, on purpose :-)