Don't Throw That Away!

In July, I visited an interesting non-profit in Boxford for a magazine shoot. I was told, when I arrived later than I had planned, that people in Boxford are either from Boxford, or are lost. I was definitely the latter. But that is not unusual.

My destination was the Community Giving Tree in Boxford, Massachusetts, which "recycles gently used children’s clothing and baby equipment and provides other necessities such as school supplies and toiletries to low income families in Essex County, Massachusetts."  I think the key word here is "gently", because in just looking around, if the items had not been in their unpackaged state, most  would have passed for new. All of which makes this a tremendous resource for those in need of a little assistance.



Community Giving Tree

If you'd like to learn more, and even see a PDF of the Merrimack Valley Magazine article for which i shot these images on their web site, take a look: