From Farmer's Market to Table


It must be two years ago now, but my wife Amy and I did a blog for quite a while about food. Amy did all of the writing, and the food prep, and I did all of the photography and most of the eating. Her blog is still out there (in every sense of the word), and is called fournightsaweek. Don’t confuse that with her very serious and important education blog,

Inspired by the free magazine that is handed out by restaurants around Boston, we have decided to restart the blog, this time with a “buy local” focus and with a farm-stand to table theme. Being the dead of winter here (not kidding!), farmer’s markets are, for the most part, dormant. However, there are a few, so yesterday we decided to visit the winter one in Chelmsford, MA. Amy’s intent was to just show up and see what looked good, and build dinner around that. Here are some of the shots. Visit her blog at to read more about it!