A New Crop of Photographs

Last weekend Amy and I went out to Dracut to visit with some farmers again. This time we had the pleasure of meeting, speaking with and learning from Beth and Takashi. We always learn things about the challenges and rewards of small-scale farming when we go out to the fields. I'm sure that Amy would love to have the time and resources to bring some of her students out to the farm from the city. (This is where I avoid the temptation to comment upon how much more worthwhile such a trip might be than it would be to take yet another standardized regurgitation test.)

It has been, and continues to be very hot this summer here in Massachusetts. I love the warm weather, especially given how endless the brutal winters can be here, but it has to be tough farming in such weather, both in terms of working out in the sun and for the survival of the crops. And as much as I love my brown lawn, the lack of rain takes its toll on the farmers and their farms.

Thanks so much for New Entry Sustainable Farming Project for helping me connect with their farmers, and thanks so much to Beth and Takashi for allowing us to interrupt their day.