A plug for World PEAS CSA

I received a Tweet yesterday from UTEC, the United Teen Equality Center of Lowell. They were wondering if I might repost some of the photos that I did last summer for  the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project to let as many people know that the World PEAS CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) registration for 2011 is currently under way and will be extended until April 15th.

Not one to pass up an opportunity to show off, I quickly agreed. So take a look at some of my shots below, but also visit the NESFP web site for details of CSA shares. It's a great program. My wife and I are summer season share holders. And please watch for more photos to come this season.

Some links:

NESFP - http://nesfp.nutrition.tufts.edu
World PEAS CSA - http://nesfp.nutrition.tufts.edu/worldpeas/csa.html
UTEC - http://www.utec-lowell.org/index.php