As I have mentioned, I am doing some portraits for the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project here in the Merrimack Valley. Meeting up with the farmers in their fields in Dracut can be a little touch and go, so I tend to drop by at different times of the day on different days of the week. A week and half ago, very early in the morning, my wife and I stopped by the fields and found Justine tending her crops. My wife Amy has become very interested in local, sustainable farming, and has become a very enthusiastic and happy CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share holder in Lowell. So she was very interested to see where the veggies are grown and to hopefully meet some of the farmers who grow them. This is where Justine comes in.

I had met Justine the day that I was escorted around the farms when this all started, but this time, at first anyway, she didn't recognize me until I mentioned McKenzie's name, the Technical Assistance Coordinator of NESFP, at which point her face lit up with recognition. She then allowed me to photographer her, guiding me to her crop of corn, of which she was justifiably proud. But what really struck Amy was how generous and appreciative Justine was of our taking an interest. Justine insisted that Amy take some veggies and gave us a short tour of the greenhouse. Amy has recounted our visit much better than I ever could in her blog, here.