The New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

There is a lot to like about the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project. Their web site states that "The mission of the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project (New Entry) is to assist people with limited resources who have an interest in small-scale commercial agriculture, to begin farming in Massachusetts". I would encourage you to visit their site and find out more about what they do for the farmers and the community, including the local World PEAS Community Supported Agriculture(CSA).

I have embarked on a project to profile some of the participating farmers, who are working this year on three plots of land in Dracut, Massachusetts. The weather has been unseasonably warm this summer, especially lately, so it's been challenging to shoot around schedules dictated by the intense heat. I initially was given a tour of the three farms by McKenzie Boekholder of NESFP, and took a few grab shots of some of the people that I met.


My first real shoot though, was with Heidi and Bruce, who work on a plot at the Ogonowski Memorial Site in Dracut. It struck me that the two of them take a lot of pleasure in working their plot, and that they were both extremely gracious to me, as I invited myself into their world.

There will be more portraits of the NESFP farmers to come!