I'm Back!

It's been a very busy few weeks, and unfortunately, my blog is one of the things that has to take a back seat to the many other things to which a one-man-band, like myself, must attend. So I have some catching up to do!


In the middle of May, my long awaited, and intricately planned shoot with COOL person (the Cultural Organization of Lowell) and Lowell Film Collaborative co-founder, Suzzanne Cromwell, finally came to fruition. According to their web site, Suzz and her husband Brett founded the LFC as "a grassroots organization dedicated to growing the burgeoning artistic community of Lowell, Massachusetts, by celebrating the art of moving pictures".

So it was natural that Suzz' would want to be portrayed enjoying a film. The question was where? We ultimately found a secret, downtown Lowell location that, while not really a theatre, had the potential to play one on film...well, on jpeg in this case. Her idea, and it was all Suzz' inspiration, was to be shown sitting in theatre seats, eating popcorn from a vintage popcorn bucket, wrapped in IMAX film. Suzz would not be denied!

So here are the results. Enjoy! And thanks Suzz and Brett (chief popcorn popper and reflector holder)! I think the session was definitely a success.