Deb and the Community Gardens Greenhouse

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Deb Harding, who is the Operations Manager of the Community Gardens Greenhouse in Lowell, Massachusetts, and the Vice President of Keep Lowell Beautiful. Interestingly, we also share a background in the high-tech world, and in fact, are both refugees of the same very old and very large computer company. At our first meeting to talk about her projects and my interest in photographing her, we discovered that we had an amazing amount in common in that respect and had, in fact, both decided to walk away from that life.


Borrowing from the Community Gardens Greenhouse web site:

"Founded in 2004, the Community Gardens Greenhouse is a not-for profit initiative, the
beautification sub-committee of Keep Lowell Beautiful, dedicated to creating social
change through the art of gardening, growing communities from the ground up."










Please check out their web site for more information including their accomplishments, who is involved, and, if you are interested, how you can participate :

The Greenhouse has also hosts The Earth Day Festival at their location at 220 Aiken Street in Lowell. Here are a few shots from this year's event.