It Is the Season

You wouldn't know it from my recent blogging (or lack of it), but the last 6 weeks has been really busy. The uptick is definitely a good sign, from my observation point, for the economy.  It is tough to maintain a good blogging schedule when you are shooting regularly, but it is certainly a good problem to have! Another reason is that I have shot a couple of magazine cover stories in the past few weeks that I can't talk about until they are published. That's tough too, but goes with the territory. Suffice it to say, I will be mentioning them eventually!


I have been fortunate enough to have participated in a couple of shoots for non-profits that were fun. One was a fashion show put on by The Revolving Museum and the United Teen Equality Center, both of Lowell, Massachusetts.


And just a few weeks ago, The Cultural Organization of Lowell asked me to photograph Lowell's City of Lights festivities, for the second year. They put on a great hot chocolate contest among local merchants, a parade, as well as many other events in downtown Lowell. It was fun, but cold!!!