Lowell African Festival - 2009

I spent an enjoyable Saturday afternoon this weekend at The 9th Annual African Festival, in Lowell. It happens each year at the Sampas Pavilion on Pawtucket Blvd. Here is their web site: http://www.africanfestivallowell.org/program.html

If you missed it this year, it's worth checking out next year to spend a Saturday afternoon by the river enjoying great food and music. Here are a few of my images of this year's festival...enjoy!

I met some really nice people there and had some great Kenyan food, although I had to leave mid-afternoon so I am sure that I missed much of the live entertainment on stage.

I am hoping to attend most of Lowell's cultural festivals this summer seeking out interesting people to photograph, so maybe I will see you at the Lowell Folk Festival or next weekend at the Lowell Latin American Festival. If not, please come back here, to my blog, for a small sampling of the photos as I create them.