The art show that you can see, smell and hear

It all started with a carefully crafted, and highly detailed plan. Yes, that's a 3MTM Post-it®.

The PlanThis year was the second year for the curiously named, Dirty, Smelly, Noisy art show at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, Massachusetts. The origins of the show have to do with some characteristically Lowellian politics, which you can learn about here at the Dirty, Smelly, Noisy web site. The show is open to anyone, so there is art from both the Lowell art communities and from artists who may have never visited Western Avenue, nor Lowell for that matter. But the issues and the show has an appeal to artists for whom industrial-age buildings hold a special interest.

This year I decided to do something that didn't especially relate to the building, or its environs, but rather me and my experiences this winter with the construction in the building that some of us endured. Let's just say that it was dirty, smelly AND noisy. That, therefore, seemed like an apropos theme, and title for my photo.

Dirty, Smelly AND Noisy

It was fun to plan, and to execute. Especially because it appeared to some other artists looking out of their windows at the time as though I was putting on a one man show for the guys at the adjacent junk yard.

Well, I'm off to plan the next thing...