City of Lights Parade and Holiday Art Stroll in Lowell

Last Saturday, November 28th was the Annual City of Lights Parade and Holiday Art Stroll in Lowell, Massachusetts. I had the privilege of shooting for COOL, The Cultural Organization of Lowell, which gives me access to all venues and the ability to cut in line! :-) And they encourage me to photograph anything that interests me. So here is a small part of the documentation of my adventures on Saturday.

I started by visiting local businesses who were participating in the 2nd Annual Hot Chocolate Competition. I went to too many to list here, but here are a few that were chosen ... because I got better pictures ;-)  Unfortunately, the time that I had allotted to me to do this walk-around was short, and I wasn't even able to get to all of the places that I had on my list.

Dharma Buns Sandwich Co.

Coffee Mill Emporium

Welles Emporium

And here is the first place entry being created for me at the Second Wind Cafe.

Second Wind Cafe
Then it was off to the main event, the parade reviewing stand, where there were dancers, floats, bands...and the kids supplies all manner of cute.

And my friends from Western Avenue Studios were there!

Among the many who made this a success were the event's MC, Trica Boshco, and COOL's Director, LZ Nunn.

Trica Boshco and LZ Nunn