Nature Reveals

It's time! July is here already. And Nature Reveals, the two person show that fiber artist Margot Stage and I have  been working on for months opens at the Loading Dock Gallery at Western Avenue Studios in Lowell, Massachusetts. We are having an opening reception at the gallery on Friday, July 11th, from 6 to 9 PM.  You should check it out. And even if you can't make the reception, the gallery is open Wednesdays through Sundays from 11 to 4:30.

Check out the Lowell Sun article on our show :

I have created a gallery here on my web site that contains my contribution to our two person show. Check it out here!  But you need to see my work paired with Margot's, and in person to get the full effect.

If you haven't visited the gallery yet, I've taken some installation shots, complete with the visitor's-eye tour, beginning in the parking lot, and continuing right into the gallery. Some people are confused when they enter the building, and even more so if they enter through the main building entrance. 04-jul-08-ldg-nature-reveals-063.jpgI hope this can resolve any confusion.

The best and simplest way to find the gallery is to enter the building through the door with the Classic Elite Yarns sign. Classic Elite is located in the upper floors of this building, which is called the "A Mill". Western Avenue Studios occupies the 2nd and 3rd floors. My studio and the gallery are located on the 2nd floor.

Once in the building, the elevator is right in front of you.

04-jul-08-ldg-nature-reveals-065.jpg Take the elevator to the 2nd floor. The doors open on the opposite side of the elevator leading you directly into THE loading dock, from which the Loading Dock Gallery got its name.


Many people are a little confused when the elevator doors open, and think that they are in the wrong place, or a restricted area. Don't worry! You have arrived. Look for the Nature Reveals poster at the double doors directly in front of you, and proceed through the double doors.

At that doors, turn right, and the gallery is the very first door on your right. Look for the sign that says LDG.04-jul-08-ldg-nature-reveals-054.jpg

The gallery is divided into two main sections. Once in the gallery, look around at all of the great work in this section, where all of the members show off their wow-pieces. As you proceed to the far end of this space, you will enter the rotating exhibition space where each month, the gallery presents the work of a different artist, or artists. You have arrived!

Here are my installation shots. And don't forget to check out my web gallery containing my contribution to our show here. But most importantly, come to the show! The reception is Friday, July 11th, from 6 to 9 PM.


04-jul-08-ldg-nature-reveals-048.jpg 04-jul-08-ldg-nature-reveals-009.jpg

04-jul-08-ldg-nature-reveals-011.jpg 04-jul-08-ldg-nature-reveals-014.jpg

04-jul-08-ldg-nature-reveals-041.jpg   04-jul-08-ldg-nature-reveals-020.jpg 

 04-jul-08-ldg-nature-reveals-023.jpg 04-jul-08-ldg-nature-reveals-025.jpg 04-jul-08-ldg-nature-reveals-028.jpg  04-jul-08-ldg-nature-reveals-031.jpg 

04-jul-08-ldg-nature-reveals-034.jpg  04-jul-08-ldg-nature-reveals-036.jpg