People at Work

The concept for my latest project is People at Work. Studio portraits are great. I love the qualities of light and shadow that are possible in the studio. But when a career is more than just a job, an individual's personality can really be drawn out when they are photographed in their own workplace. So in the coming months I will be showing off some of this work and hopefully introducing you to some really interesting people at the same time.

Last week I was fortunate enough to spend an hour with artist Heather Wang, photographing her in her Western Avenue Studio. Heather is a jeweler and metalsmith, as well as a teacher. She works in silver, enamel, and many other media, for her collections and special commissions.  Her web site is :, and you can find her studio at Western Avenue Studios, in Lowell, Massachusetts.  Coincidentally, she will be one of several featured artists at The Loading Dock Gallery, at Western Ave., in December. The show is called Winter Lights - Artisan Showcase.

So here are a few of my shots of Heather. Check back here for more in this series of People at Work.


Heather Wang