Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not really sure what I want; will you help me come up with a plan?

Adrien enjoys collaborating with clients, but it is important for you to come to him with some sense of what you want from your photos. Taking time to plan on your end will ensure your total satisfaction with the end result. If you are having a hard time putting your thoughts into words, bring along magazine photos or search “headshots” on Pinterest to help develop your vision. Share your examples with Adrien so that both you and he can make the best use of your valuable time together.  

Do you have someone that can do hair and make-up?

Yes, Adrien works with the talented Grace Moschetto of GraceMarie Beauty. Grace is a licensed cosmetologist and has worked and studied with industry leaders in hair and make-up.  Separate fees apply for Grace’s services.

What should I wear?

Wardrobe is a very personal choice based on what you are trying to portray in your images. Adrien is happy to work with several wardrobe changes, but consistently suggests that your clothing feel comfortable and items you feel proud wearing.  When you feel confident in your appearance it will shine through in your photographs.


  • Dark, rich colors that complement your skin tone photograph best.
  • Avoid light colors (whites, beiges) that cause some complexions to appear washed out.
  • Avoid large patterns that can appear busy and detract from the focus which is your face.

I’d like headshots taken in my office, will you come to me?

Yes, Adrien is happy to shoot on location at your place of work. However, some office environments are not conducive to flattering photos. Harsh lighting and cramped spaces may render your office less than ideal. This is something you may want to be flexible with to achieve your best image.

How much do you charge?

Adrien offers three price packages for individuals ranging from $300-$450. See the Creative Options & Pricing page for details.

I am interested in headshots for all of my office employees. Can you manage a large group?

Yes, Adrien will work with you to understand your unique requirements, preferences and corporate culture. Together, you will work out the logistics of your project and Adrien will develop a customized plan and price estimate specific to your needs. Subjects in an office setting often have schedule pressure; bearing that in mind, Adrien typically spends about 15 minutes per subject for traditional head shots, and up to 30 minutes for more creative, environmental portraits.

How quickly will I see proofs and how will they be shared with me? How many should I expect?

Adrien is usually able to provide 24 to 48 hour turnaround for your proofs. You will get a link to a private, password protected web gallery. 

The number of proofs depends on the project and client preferences. Corporate projects that involve several subjects can expect between 20 and 30 proofs per subject. An individual having a “Classic Executive Portrait (Head-shot)” can expect between 50 and 100 proofs and someone having a “Creative Professional Portrait” can expect even more. If these numbers are overwhelming, Adrien is happy to do a “tighter edit,” and present only the very best of the best. 

Will you retouch my photos? What levels of retouching to you offer?

Yes. The high-resolution images you choose are enhanced for color, contrast, brightness etc. Retouching includes light blemish removal, general skin retouching and teeth whitening as needed.

How many photos may I select? Will I have size options?

The number of high-resolution, finished images you receive depends upon the package you choose. See the Creative Options & Pricing page for details. The number of finished images that corporate subjects may choose is specified in the project estimate and can vary depending on the needs of the client. In all cases, additional images can be finished and licensed for an additional fee. 

You may specify any resolution or size for the final files.

How will I receive my final selections?

Once your selected photos are finished, you will receive a second, private web link. This will bring you to a second-party site where you can easily download your image files. There are no sign-up requirements for this site - just a couple of clicks and your files will download to your computer.